Meet Mike Smith

New EMHS Foundation president Mike Smith believes that at the heart of giving is a selfless desire to make a difference. His goal is to help generous community members fulfill their wish to support local healthcare, one gift at a time. “Healthcare philanthropy touches many lives,” he shared. “Every gift, no matter how large or how small, is important.”  

Mike’s philanthropy experience includes executive-level roles at the University of Rhode Island Foundation, the Kansas State University Foundation, and the Kansas University Endowment Association. Now, he leads a team of philanthropy professionals who work every day to empower those who want to support healthcare in their communities

“My vision for philanthropy at EMHS is to expand our base of donors and help the community understand how their support affects healthcare in every region of Maine,” said Mike.  

For Mike, building connections with both existing and potential donors is all about trust and respect. He says, “Respect for all, honesty, integrity, and gratitude are critical in all aspects of life. Giving brings joy to someone else and to you.”

  • Giving a premature baby a chance at life
  • Supporting your local community where your money can make the biggest difference
  • Ensuring that critical healthcare services are available to all who need them
  • Saving the life of someone’s mother, brother, or friend
  • Helping your community prepare for the healthcare needs of the future
  • Improving the world, one gift at a time